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Home Away Checks

Our Home Check Concierge Service is a unique, customized, Home Away Service. I will regularly check on your vacation home, rental property, or primary residence so you can have peace of mind while you are away. Each visit is tailored to your needs and can be conducted weekly, bi-weekly, or once per month.

Visits Can Include:

  • Complete visual inspection of interior home, walls and ceilings for leaks or damage.

  • Check A/C unit(s) to ensure thermostats are functioning properly and for any signs of leaks

  • Check A/C filter and change out if needed

  • Inspect for insects and rodents

  • Ensure all lights are working properly

  • Check refrigerator and freezer for spoiled food

  • Run water in sinks and showers

  • Run garbage disposal and dishwasher

  • Flush all toilets

  • Water interior plants

  • Ensure windows and doors are secured

  • Visual inspection for signs of mold

  • Check if garbage is empty

  • Open all closets for moisture

  • Visually inspect cleanliness of balcony and unit

  • Pick up newspapers and flyers

  • Provide service to have mail held and picked up on regular basis

  • Check alarm system to ensure home is protected and alarm is working properly

  • Special visits to check on your property both before and after a severe storm, including putting items inside if needed. 

  • Pick up scheduled deliveries 

  • Start your car for 10 minutes

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